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t e c h n o l o g i c by finnfan98 t e c h n o l o g i c :iconfinnfan98:finnfan98 1 0 Azalea, the Voice by finnfan98 Azalea, the Voice :iconfinnfan98:finnfan98 2 15 Gomu Gomu by finnfan98 Gomu Gomu :iconfinnfan98:finnfan98 4 0
Nightmare || Titiana Squellard's version
    A young girl, nowhere above 12, sat alone on the beach of a small island, her long blue hair a tangled mess as she stared down at her feet. It had been 6 years since she first arrived on this island, 6 years since she had to take care of herself and fight to survive.
    6 years since the hauntings began.
    And just like that, the girl felt a presence beside her, causing her to look up. She saw none other than her older sister, staring down at her...despite the deep bullet hole marking her forehead. A frown made itself present of the older girl's lips, as she crouched down to her sitting sister's height. The smaller could only stare, her voice catching in her throat as one word squeaked out.
    "Titiana...why didn't you just admit it? You could've told Father the truth..." Jezebel said solemnly, standing up and staring down coldly at her little sister. "You
:iconfinnfan98:finnfan98 0 0
Mature content
Nightmare || Garren Squellard's version :iconfinnfan98:finnfan98 0 0
The Adorable Dr. Heartstealer by finnfan98 The Adorable Dr. Heartstealer :iconfinnfan98:finnfan98 1 0 The Pirate King and his Pirate Queen by finnfan98 The Pirate King and his Pirate Queen :iconfinnfan98:finnfan98 1 2 The Many Faces of Monkey D. Luffy by finnfan98 The Many Faces of Monkey D. Luffy :iconfinnfan98:finnfan98 0 0 imagine what she can do with those hands by finnfan98 imagine what she can do with those hands :iconfinnfan98:finnfan98 0 0 doctor asshole himself by finnfan98 doctor asshole himself :iconfinnfan98:finnfan98 1 0 he uses his nose is a crosshair by finnfan98 he uses his nose is a crosshair :iconfinnfan98:finnfan98 0 0 the real mrs. krabs by finnfan98 the real mrs. krabs :iconfinnfan98:finnfan98 1 4 ya rubbery simeon by finnfan98 ya rubbery simeon :iconfinnfan98:finnfan98 1 0
No More Fighting || Zoro x Garren Squellard (OC)
     "Zoro?" Garren's eyes opened groggily at the sound of a crash above deck. The braided man was catching a quick nap in his hammock, but was so rudely interrupted by the commotion. Why Zoro was the first person to come to mind, he didn't know. Sighing, the lavender-haired man swung his legs off his hammock and stood, heading upstairs to find a horrific sight: Sanji and Zoro were going all-out against one another, a flurry of gleaming swords and black-clad legs as they fought.
     "O-Oi, guys!! Cut it out!" Garren yelled, but his voice fell on deaf ears. When the two men wouldn't listen, Garren figured now would be a good time to incorporate his Kami Kami powers. A frown making itself known on his face, Garren's long lavender braid, which was draped over his shoulder, suddenly extended in length, becoming more like a long rope as it coiled itself around the fighting men's waists to separate them. One of his signature Kami Kami moves, Braid Tra
:iconfinnfan98:finnfan98 3 3
Protect || Sanji x Chroma Inkwell (OC)
    "You're an idiot," Chroma muttered, leaning against the side of the crow's nest of the Going Merry. She glared out at the darkened sea, the faint reflections of the bright stars overhead seeming to dance about with the ripples of the waves. A scowl tainted Chroma's gentle features, her rosy eyes filled with hate and loathing.
    "You. Are. An. Idiot. A selfish, moronic imbecile who's too naïve and too—" The artist was ready to spit more venom when she was interrupted by the creaking of ropes, and the sound of someone stepping into the crow's nest. The smell of tobacco was the first thing Chroma noticed, and she inwardly cursed herself for speaking out loud.
    "Chroma-chan, I figured you'd be cold and maybe a bit lonely up here, so I came up to see if you needed anything...who were you talking to?" Sanji inquired as he moved to stand beside Chroma, folding his arms across the side of the crow's nest in a manner identical to her own. Chroma
:iconfinnfan98:finnfan98 3 3
Obligatory Luffy x Estelle by finnfan98 Obligatory Luffy x Estelle :iconfinnfan98:finnfan98 1 1


[FE] Lon'qu X Reader: Fear
   Ever since the day that silent warrior Lon’qu came and joined Chrom’s army, you were the one to gossip about him with the girls every time you set up camp or found spare time before retiring for the night. You were quite intrigued by him, that steely silence and bold demeanor drawing you in with a desire to get to know him even more. Through the many little gossip sessions you had, over time you eventually learned that the poor soul had gynophobia: a strong fear of women. This fact piqued your interest, and eventually you decided you were going to figure out why this was so. That, or try to make him less afraid by getting close to him. That was going to be a bit difficult considering you were a woman yourself, and he has only been in this army for roughly a month.
    Regardless of all that was said of his fear and preference of people to be around, you slowly eased your way into his life by carefully selecting times to be around him, aimin
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 6 0
Nami .nsfw optional. by sakimichan Nami .nsfw optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 8,175 200 Mei casual portrait by sakimichan Mei casual portrait :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 14,789 454
Kishibe Rohan X Reader: Manga Shorts
    “Tea _______?” Rohan asked graciously, swinging by with a tray set with tea for you.
    “Sure!” You nodded, accepting the offered beverage with a smile.
    He gave you a smooth smile along with the drink, setting the tray down next to you on a small table before he returned to his work at his desk, quickly and elegantly beginning to sketch more of his work as soon as he sat down.
    “So, whatcha working on today Rohan?” You asked, sipping from your cup with crossed legs.
    “Just a few manga shorts. I finished this current one just now so I’ll be able to release it soon. Gotta feed the readers something amazing in between chapters of Pink Dark Boy.” He told you, slapping down the few pages he had been working on at the top corner of his desk to be printed.
    “Ooo, and what’s your inspiration going
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 41 4
Kishibe Rohan X Reader: Pet Names
    You know how most couples call each other really cute pet names? You and Rohan being together did that sort of thing too… Er, Kinda. ‘Really cute’ weren’t exactly the right words to accurately describe how you two called out to each other at all. It was more like… Aggressively loving name calling.
    “Hey asshole I’m heeeeere~!” You called out in a sing song voice, kicking in the door to Rohan’s studio.
    Very. Aggressive.
    “Your timing is quite incredible. I just finished this week’s manuscript only five minutes ago.” Rohan responded, turning around in his sleek swivel chair, inking pen still in hand.
    “Perfect! That means I get to harass you for the rest of the day then, riiiight~?” You hummed, striding over to him and leaning on the arm of his chair.
    “Hmm, maybe. I mean
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Kishibe Rohan X Reader: Secret
    There was something about the night that just put your entire being at ease. The tranquility of the stars and lack of obnoxious daytime noises really let your mind settle as your whole being became calm. It was also the only time you left your house with just your sketchbook and your pencils in hand, always headed out to a place where you could express your hidden art in peace, no one ever around to see or bother you, ensuring your little hobby was kept a secret. You knew what kind of annoyances plagued an artist, so you avoided all the questions of viewing your sketchbook and pestering requests by simply keeping it as a secret hobby. You didn’t need all that annoying attention. Besides, it would surely attract the interest of Rohan, the one artist you admired immensely. After all, it would be embarrassing if someone you liked flipped through the very pages of your soul.
    This night in particular you had made your way out to a lone park close
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Kishibe Rohan X Reader: Restless
    “Oi oi, the more you move the more unfinished sketches I’ll have filling my pages.” Rohan chastised gently, shaking his head with a sigh.
    “Sorry~! You’re the one who made tea though, and you can’t possibly expect me to drink it cold.” You replied, proving your point by finishing the cup currently in your hand.
    He had to chuckle at that, setting his sketchbook down on the table in front of him. “Well I can’t blame you for that one.” He agreed. “I got most of the reference points I needed anyway, so feel free to have more if you like.”
    “Oh god I would love to, but it’s getting really late. I should probably go home before I overstay my welcome. I don’t want you to start finding me obnoxious like you do almost everyone else.” You chuckled.
    “I don’t think you have the ab
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Mikitaka Hazekura X Reader: New Emotions
   The afternoon sun shone strongly in the after hours of school, heat persisting on and threatening to continue into the late hours of the evening. You and Yukako had gone for a nice girl’s afternoon out, shopping for sweets and clothes for the summer. You both left the boys to their business to enjoy some simple girl time, just now coming out of a sweets shop a few blocks from the school.
    “Thanks for coming out with me today Yukako! It’s just too good of a day to waste alone.” You remarked with a bright smile.
    “Oh of course _______! You’re one of the few girls who isn’t a nuisance to me, so I always appreciate your company~!” Yukako remarked with an honest smile.
    You had to raise a brow. “Oh? Should I take that as a compliment?”
    “Of course!” She answered.
    You both laughed and continued
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Mikitaka Hazekura X Reader: Sound
    The afternoon was warm, the haze of the sun flooding over Morioh with minor distortion just above the streets. A gentle breeze that kicked up every minute or so kept the heat bearable as you spent the afternoon on a casual stroll downtown, being happily accompanied by Mikitaka as you went. He was the least obnoxious of all your friends in Morioh, and you always had the most pleasant of times with him as well.
    “Wow, Earth sure is hot at this particular tilt of the axis.” Mikitaka commented, experiencing the most intense heat to ever beat down this summer.
    “Yeah, this summer in particular is gonna melt me alive. This heat is insane.” You agreed, fanning yourself with your hand.
    “You humans can melt? Perhaps we should find some shade to prevent such a thing from happening due to solar exposure.” Mikitaka offered, looking quite concerned for your safety.
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Meet me at the bar by moni158 Meet me at the bar :iconmoni158:moni158 2,452 143
Josuke Higashikata X Reader: Blinded
   “Josukeeeee! Hurry up!”
    “I’m coming _______ I’m coming! There’s a loose strand on my precious pomp that needs to get back into place!” Josuke called back upon hearing your voice, furiously combing at the front of his hair in the downstairs bathroom.
    You rolled your eyes with one of the loudest sighs humanly possible being exerted. “Pardon the intrusion Ms. Higashikata!” You announced, stepping inside. She nodded at you with a tiny laugh as you slid over to the nearby bathroom and shoved the slightly cracked door open to reveal the fretting Josuke. “You look fine oh my god.”
    “But it’s not perfect!” He whined with the biggest pout possible a teen like him could wear.
    “It’s a stylistic choice! A little stray hair adds some character to your look man.” You argued, capping his hair g
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Moana by sakimichan Moana :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 21,597 575
The Distance Between Us (Lie Ren x Reader)
You had your suspicions from the first time he walked into the little cafe you worked. You had your suspicions about these feelings that fluttered in your chest as you delivered his drink to his table and those bright eyes found yours. You had your suspicions confirmed as he came back time and again, as you spent more time with him and as his smile became burned into your memory.
You weren’t sure if what you were feeling was love or not but you knew you had feelings for him. For Lie Ren.
* * *
The bell over the door signaled someone entering the cafe and just by glancing at the clock you knew it was him before you even saw. You exited the kitchen as Ren walked passed the front counter, dressed in his school uniform. He smiled when he saw you and you greeted him warmly, more so than any other customer.
Ren took his seat at his usual table by the window as you began preparing his drink behind the counter. He rarely ordered anything different, making it so he never had to place an a
:iconinfinite-word-forge:Infinite-Word-Forge 73 7
Kujo Jotaro X Reader: Mermaid
    The day was hot. In fact, it was absolutely scorching. The heat hit so hard it felt like flesh could melt off of the bone itself and pool into a fleshy puddle. So, what would a person do on a day as hellish as this?
    Beach vacation for a day.
    That’s right, you and the Crusader gang gave a big ol’ fuck you to the head and decided to spend the rest of the day at a sweet beach, picking a private section on the side where no public was allowed to access unless reserved. It was mainly Polnareff’s stupid idea, but the heat was so bad that everyone easily agreed to go. A good break was needed, and appealed even more when the option to keep it away from the public was there.
    All six of you plus Iggy had arrived at the beach in the mid afternoon, glittering waters and untouched sand waiting there to greet you. The sight was incredibly gorgeous, complimented with a gentle breeze tha
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OFF by BlasticHeart OFF :iconblasticheart:BlasticHeart 1,165 68
Higashikata Josuke X Reader: More Than That
    It was that time in the school year again. The time when you as a student would find out if you made the honour roll in class. Having worked very hard through the first semester, you waited quietly among everyone else chattering away excitedly as your teacher pulled out the list of students that made it.
    Clearing his throat to catch the attention of the class, the teacher began to read out the names of those who achieved that always sought status of excellence. As the names were read out little cheers of joy came from those who were pleasantly informed, Josuke and even Okuyasu making it as well. By the end of the list everyone in your class had been called… That is, everyone but you. Not once did you hear your name mentioned, and your excitement quickly sank into immediate disappointment.
    “Awesome! We aren’t part of the idiots!” One of the guys cheered, shooting a sideways glance in your general
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This is where I put all that good stuff. Sometimes cute. Sometimes sad. Alwasy best.


t e c h n o l o g i c
Sorry I haven't updated in like a year.

Have a robot.
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So, we all know that Ace is going to get killed. That much is fact. We also all know that I ship Chroma with him like there's no tomorrow. But, I wanna ship her with someone ELSE once Ace is gone...and I'm torn between two people. I've drawn art for both of them, thought out scenarios, everything, but I simply can't decide.

So, everybody, tell me who you think I should ship Chroma Inkwell with after Ace has passed:


Or Trafalgar Law?

Tell me in the comments!!
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I play Minecraft, Skyrim, Portal, TF2, Left 4 Dead, OFF, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, and Pokemon
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